Monsoon Lily Bib

Monsoon Lily Bib

Ode to Odd
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Product Description

Hand-embroidered overlay bib in peace silk organza mimicking the age old cross-stitch technique featuring a side bead closure. 


  • “Bib is the new collar.”
  • Made in 100% pure peace silk organza -
  • It will take you from brunches to wedding seasons.
  • Hand embroidered over 52 hours using aari embroidery.
  • A side beaded closure featuring hand casted brass buttons.
  • Model is 5’6” and is a Small size.


FABRIC : 100% Peace Silk Organza overlay

SURFACE  TECHNIQUES USED : Aari Embroidery, Cross Stitch

SIZE : XS , S , M , L , XL ,Custom

Brand Story

Finding charm in the eccentric and real,

in the known and unknown, in the old

and forgotten, Ode to Odd was founded in 2018 in India by

two sisters, who believe that objects that are made by hand

carry the soul of the craftsmen who create

the story. 


The narrative begins in the small villages of India, where the fabric is handwoven by the traditional, old generation weavers and craft clusters around the country to sustain the authenticity of each craft. 


Everything is made ethically with a sense of deep meditation, whilst holding true to the belief that true luxury is about a story to tell through the pieces that carry human touch.


This is an ode to you, to me, to them,

to uneven, to outnumbered, to odd.



Brand Recognition:


- Elle First Cut Designer 2018

- Grazia Young Fashion Award 2019

- Year Of Culture Doha at MIA - Qatar 2019

- Vogue Italia Talents 2019

Brand Values


Artisan-focus on every piece

Natural, organic materials 

Decent treatment of workers

Ethically sourced and cruelty-free

Made to Order

This item is made to order, meaning that once you place your order for this item, the artisans will begin the process of lovingly hand-making your item for you!


This piece can take up to 3-4 weeks to be made. 


Supporting Made to Order is supporting the Slow Fashion Movement as you make a contribution to eliminating excess fashion production waste.

(Custom) Made to Order

For custom measurements please place the order then email your measurements to:


Measurements to include: 



Normal Waist

High Waist




As this item is made to order, once it is made, it will be shipped directly to the customer from the brand. Delivery costs 30 USD and takes around 4/5 days to ship worldwide.


*Kindly note that customs fees and wait time are to be paid by the customer.