Made to Order

Prior to the last century of human existence, made to order fashion was not the exception - but the norm. The era of mass production of cheap and fast fashion is a direct by-product of an industrial and capitalist global system that is destroying people, nature, animals, and the planet; it is essentially, a system that is biting the very hand that feeds it - destroying the earth that is providing the fashion industry the resources it needs to survive. 

Made to order is a system where the manufacturing of your products will only begin once an order has been placed. This process counters the current system of fast fashion that mass-produces fashion which, more often than not, leads to surplus stock that eventually ends up in landfills as waste when items do not get sold. 

A love of history combined with commitment to consume responsibly and consciously has culminated in our curation of made to order collections for jewellery and fashion products. At SANDE, we believe in going back to basics - providing an alternative to the current destructive system of fast fashion and relying more on traditional and sustainable systems of production - systems that allow us to reevaluate our relationship with the items we choose to wear and represent ourselves with; items that contrary to what we have been conditioned to believe - have a complex life and story behind them - made with the time, effort, and hands of the people who have worked the soil and sewn your garments, made with the resources of the earth that has generously given of herself to clothe and shelter us throughout the ages. 

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