FashRev'22: Day 6

Ask yourself: What is Greenwashing?

Simply put, "Greenwashing" is a manipulative marketing tactic conducted by a brand, company or organisation to create the illusion of being more environmentally-friendly than they actually are. 

With consumers caring more and more about a company's ethical and sustainability stance, many companies are adapting their communication strategy to promote a "green" agenda that at best is misleading and at worst, simply does not exist. 

Below you can find the key list of indicators of fashion greenwashing.

What are the tell-tale signs of greenwashing?

1. It's a fast-fashion brand

2. Lack of transparency

3. Using vague, generic terms such as "eco" or "recycled"

4. Brands that have only one sustainable range or initiative and nothing else

5. It claims to be going "green" but does not acknowledge any of its other unethical practices

6. No proof