1. Fires of Kuwait 

This is the story about the 1990 invasion of Kuwait by its neighbour Iraq under the leadership of former dictator Saddam Hussein, who in the last days of the war and as a final act of aggression - ordered the burning of 700 of Kuwait's oil wells. Discover why the fires still matter and how true acts of greatness can be accomplished when human beings come together in the face of adversity to conquer one of the greatest environmental crimes committed in history. 


2. The Salt of the Earth (2014)

Not your typical environmental film, this award-winning, Academy-nominated documentary film follows the life and works of renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado - taking the viewers on a journey to uncover some of the most hidden corners of the earth and the most devastating man-made tragedies. It's a thought-provoking film that seeks to understand the intricate relationship that people have with their natural environment, capturing its destruction and healing impact on the human spirit. 

You can find the link to watch the film here

3. The Story of Plastic: 

This is a must-watch, Emmy award-winning documentary that takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution. Discover what our oil economies have to do with the story of plastic. 



4. Riverblue 

RiverBlue follows conservationist, professor and paddler Mark Angelo as he embarks on a journey around the world to uncover the extent of the irreversible damage that the global fashion industry has committed on our river water supplies. These once thriving, bountiful bodies of water are now becoming dead, we soon discover, through testimonies delivered by conservationists with documented evidence of rivers and seas heavily polluted by toxic chemicals and waste. Watch this film to learn about the importance of rivers as our main water supply and how our very security is at stake if we do not begin to make changes to the fast fashion industry, and fast!

You can find the link to watch the film here