FashRev'22: Day 7

9 years ago today, we stood watching from our screens the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The factory housed five garment factories that supplied the global fashion industry. More than 1,100 people died and another 2,500 were injured.  The majority of the workers were young women.

This was the world's fourth largest man-made industrial disaster in history. An unnecessary tragedy, perpetuated by a relentless and inhumane global fashion industry that values profits over the cost of human life. 

In our last day of Fashion Revolution Week, we urge you to hold the people in power accountable. 

Ask Yourself: How can I be a Fashion Revolutionary?

1. Write to a policymaker:

 Governments can have a real impact on the lives of the people who make out clothes. Legislators decide minimum wages, mandate working conditions and create laws that protect people and the environment.

Public officials expect to be contacted by their constituents (that's you) and should be doing their best to address the issues that are important to you.

Your voice has power, so use it!

Here's a sample letter/email provided by Fashion Revolution to write to your public officials to help make a real positive change:

2. Write to a brand:

It is important to hold brands accountable because at the end of the day, they are the ones making your clothes and your products. Write to them. Urge them to be more transparent.

Ask them:

"Who made my clothes?" 

"what is in my clothes?"

Here is a sample letter/email provided by Fashion Revolution to write to your favourite brands to make a positive push for change:



3. Watch: How to be a Fashion Revolutionary

Are you ready to become a Fashion Revolutionary? Sigrid, the Norwegian singer and songwriter, takes us on a two-part film to expose the social and environmental impacts of what we wear and inspires us to take positive action. The first stop in her journey? Meeting the founders of Fashion Revolution themselves: Carry Somers and Orsola de Castro.

You can find the link to watch the video here

4. Read How to be a Fashion Revolutionary

We encourage you to have a look through Fashion Revolution and British Council’s revisited How to be a Fashion Revolutionary booklet. It’s full of inspiration and ideas about how you can use your voice and your power to transform the fashion industry as we know it.

You can find the link here


There are many brands that are innovating and taking positive action to address many of the issues we have discussed in this fashion revolution week - everything from environmental concerns to social injustices. Many of these brands are available on SANDE - where we have pledged to bring only the most ethical and sustainable brands available in the market. 

Although we believe that consumerism alone, even if it is ethical, cannot solve the big problems of the fashion industry; nevertheless, it is a great place to start! Discover how our brands are making a difference and support ethical here